West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall turned out to be a wonderful weekend getaway even in the winter. Although we could not get to Hawaii and back in three days, we did stay in the Fantasyland Hotel’s Polynesian room. We were inside the mall and close to all of the action. With over 800 stores to chose from West Edmonton Mall is truly a shoppers dream come true with all of your favorite stores in one place.

After a day of shopping I was ready to rest and relax at the famous indoor water park. My husband and I figured it was cheaper to pay the $29.00 entrance fee to the water park than to let me shop another day. This was a super fun choice. Raging rapids was relaxing and I enjoyed the tube rides. When I attempted Nessie’s Revenge I felt sick. As I was twisting twirling and splashing down the slides I was laughing and screaming all at the same time. I finally mustered up the courage to ride the Typhoon where the slide is partially enclosed leaving a rider in total darkness part of the time.

I was on a high after I made it down and somehow I managed to let my husband talk me into attempting a ride on the Sky Screamer. I almost lost my nerve as I climbed straight up the 78ft ladder and looked down the Sky Screamer. I felt like fainting but was too embarrassed to back down so I smiled weakly, waved to my spectators and screamed my head off. I thought I would die but I lived and even laughed when it was over. There is plenty for young and old including a kids section filled with slides, rapids and rides.

Galaxyland, the world’s largest indoor amusement park, entertained me as my big kid husband lived out all his childhood memories of thrills and spills on many of the 25 fantastical rides. We never stuck around but in the evening teens can Rock and Ride from eight to midnight.

The mall also has a beautiful indoor skating rink, all kinds of educational marine adventures and even two different mini golf courses. Of course the movie theaters appeal to many and there is always something new going on at West Edmonton Mall.

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