USS Midway – A Great Day in San Diego

Jaeden – Age 17

For a guy coming from Canada with a fairly small military and not many if any large military hip museums The USS Midway was breath taking and awing. The well made personal tours and friendly staff made exploring the planes and huge boat with it’s many stories and tales exciting and fun.

USS Midway


Orin – Age 12

The USS Midway was so inspiring. It is an aircraft carrier museum located in the San Diego Harbor. There were really cool fighter jets that were in the navy on the top deck that you could go into. We even met a number of war veterans who worked on the ship.

Going through the rooms I could really imagine living on the ship during war. They even had a room where they would send messages in metal cartridges that would shoot through pipes using compressed air to get the important messages to different rooms on the ship. If I could be somebody I would be the Captain because I would get a private room with a TV and the best food.

Orin Jets

I even saw something that was so amazing that while I was looking at it I got separated from the adults and had to ask someone to help me find them. Fortunately two people helped me find my family within a few minutes.

They even have large flight simulators on the ship. Too bad I didn’t have a chance to go on them, they looked like a lot of fun.

Any adventurous people or those who like history would love to take do the same as me and spend a day visiting the USS Midway.

Fighter Jet

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  1. So great to hear your lovely stories. Keep them coming so I don’t get too homesick for you.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your Midway tour. I served as Electronics Officer on the Coral Sea CV43, which was the Midway’s sister ship, and visited on the Midway several times with my counterpart while we were both deployed to Viet Nam. Glad you are enjoying your “Too Short” stay in San Diego.
    Ron and Barb

  3. cool

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