Squeeky Wet Shoes

day4-WaterBucketZakary continues to like to play in his bucket of water that is in the cockpit right next to the front door to the salon. For the past 3 days he goes to his orange 5 gallon water pail and throws his sandbox toys into it. Today he started getting bored of that however and started to take the shoes that are also on the back deck and dunk them into the water. It wasn’t so bad when he threw my flip-flops in but then he started to throw in Jaeden’s leather Sunday shoes. I alerted Teyauna to what he was doing as they were in the bucket but floating above the other shoes in the water. As I pulled out the video camera to catch the fun Teyauna started to push the Sunday shoe down into the water. Yes I did stop her… and Zakary. Zakary however doesn’t like it when we stop him from doing anything and he cries out in frustration, but he is getting used to it.

8:20 pm PDT, Lat: 24° 27.85′ N, Long: 119° 16.16′ W, Course 181° M, Speed: 6.2 k, Wind: N 16.0 k, Swell: NW 4′, Cloud Cover: 80%, Barometer: 1012 hPa, Temp: 17°C

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  1. I dreamt about you guys last night all alone on the big ocean under the bright stars, in the still night with nothing but water surrounding you. It brought back so many memories of being a little girl on this journey with my family. How fun. I am just delighted for your family that you guys are living your dreams, what an inspiration!

  2. Sound’s like Zackary is finding fun things to do.

  3. Little ones are so much fun, we just had our 2 & 4 year old grandchidren for the weekend.

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