Scrambled Pizza Buns on the High Seas

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Cooking on the ocean is not always a simple task. True, I’m rarely, if ever, the one to enter the galley to make a superb meal but based on second hand experience it can be a bit of a challenge to cook while underway. It did take some getting use to having a very small galley while cooking for nine people but we have managed. It ends up taking a bit longer to cook as we have to make multiple batches of food at times but our kitchen does churn out some impressive meals. This includes fresh bread and cinnamon buns made from the freshly ground wheat. This morning Orin was the lucky one to be the wheat grinder. He spent a good half hour exercising his muscles so that we could mix the fresh wheat with the limited supply of canned white flour we have onboard.

Alyssa, was the cook of the day and although feeling a bit under the weather due to the rough rolling seas, she managed masterfully to put together some delicious pizza buns. She rolled out the dough and sprinkled it with tomato sauce, peppers, onions, cheese and the freshly sliced up pineapple that had been decorating the centre of the table for the past few days. She placed them all onto three trays so that we could impatiently wait for the three batches of pizza to cook one at a time.

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That’s when the waves got a little rough. I was standing in the kitchen getting something when all of a sudden a large wave rolled under us and tipped our normally stable catamaran to the side. I had just enough time to catch the doughy buns that were waiting for their turn to go into the oven with one hand gracefully under the pan while my other hand squished the top half of the buns into an indistinguishable clump. It was a bit of a mess but it was still edible. I just licked the tomato sauce from my hand and had Alyssa patch up her hard worked creation into some sort of semblance of their previous glory.

Only a few minutes later another tray of rolled pizza bun dough slipped over the ledge of the stove and nosedived onto the floor to create an all new unique formation. Alyssa was not at all impressed with the look of her hard work but I thought it looked rather creative, kind of like a modern art piece. The folds of pizza dough around the various ingredients created a bit of a scrambled look but was rather intriguing.

It’s amazing the works of art that one can create while on the seven seas. And the taste… it was delicious!

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  1. Lyssie always creates delicious meals wherever she is. I wonder if has something to do with being taught by a mom who seems to know instinctively what to add to a dish to make it spectacular. Glad you were able to enjoy the taste of her yummies even if they were in a different form than she anticipated.

  2. Your granma’s right , no matter what you guy’s dish up, it alway taste good. When I show my friends the photo of Alyssa with our Canada Day pizza, they are so impressed with her work of art.

  3. An amazing and nutritious meal for a constantly rolling and pitching vessel! Being a creative cook allows us to change the meals to make them more interesting even if the ingredients are limited.

    My wife and I have enjoyed watching the different meals you have been having. Keep up the good work! Be safe and we look forward to reading about your adventures.

  4. You all thought it was tomato sauce and cheese on the pizza buns but we know better.

  5. Not everything has to look wonderful to taste great…sending love and hugs to everyone and of course most of all a safe journey xxx

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