Samoa, Coconut cannons & turtle bites

Well I am on the boat right now sailing to Fiji it’s kind of exciting! It’s sad though because this trip is going to be over in a month and a half and time flew but it has been a crazy cool trip! We just left Samoa a funny little place with some really cool cultural stuff. I swam with turtles on one of the islands it was great! The turtles eat papaya so we got to feed them, I kept putting little pieces on my Dads leg they so would go up to him and nip him it was so funny! He would be holding their heads trying to push them away and they would be swimming at him full speed.

One night we got to sleep in some bungalows on the water that where pretty sweet. The walls where made out of woven palm tree fronds. We had to be careful not to get dressed in them when it was windy because it would blow the mat walls around. In Samoa many of the people make their own flip flops by getting a sheet of that flip flop foam material and they use a sharp cookie cutter (in the shape of a flip flop) and cut out a bunch from the sheet. Then they have a sheet of foam with a bunch of holes in it so they put them on the roofs of the huts to hold the thatched roofing down… it’s an interesting look for the “rustic” all natural huts.

In Samoa all the guys in the family got Ephitonga’s (I am sure I killed the spelling on that) but they are what all the guys here wear instead of pants, it’s like a lava lava but they have pockets and belt loops. I think once I get home I will just wear it all the time, they are great.

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Since arriving in American Samoa I have been working on sending off a collage application for BYU-Hawaii. It’s not very fun filling out forms and submitting essays with whatever patchy internet we find places but I am making it work and I am almost done them. The last thing I need to do now is call up the school and tell them I am homeschooled so they don’t need High school transcripts and figure out what the IWORK visa thing is and get it sent off although the deadline is October and we don’t have a phone so that should be fun to try and figure out…  But yeah I got my Interview for it in Samoa through Skype, dang the church is so cool I love how we embrace all the crazy tech stuff that never used to be possible.

It will be good to get in a solid education routine since right now I pretty much play guitar and watch science videos.

Savaii, Samoa had some of the coolest waterfalls and streams I have seen so far. At one in particular I jumped off a ridiculously tall tree that was right next to the falls into the water. Later that same day we went and saw a massive blowhole where you could throw coconuts down it and watch it blast them out, really cool.

So do you know the show MONK, It is pretty much the only reason I am alive at the moment. It’s so rocky and killer on the ocean that I was so sick all day yesterday and pretty much just watched that all day and tried not to move… Last night I was having dreams about falling out of tree’s and then I would wake up to the boat tipping and me thinking the world was flipping upside down and it was really confusing until I realized I was just on a rocky boat. After this trip I swear I am going to be a like Vietnam veteran and wake up in the night thinking the boat is sinking and realize I’m just in bed.

Jaeden Schafer

I love to travel, and do adventurous things. I write for publications on the topics of Leadership, Business and Marketing. Studied Business Managment Marketing at BYU-Hawaii.

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  1. Too funny, Jaeden. Glad that a brilliant SF detective helped you live. I must watch the show. And bless good old Google — I typed in Ephitonga and, wouldn’t you know, it spat out Ipitonga! Sure hope you get that collage assembled so they let you into college.

  2. You are so funny!! My kids laughed and laughed at this one. Still smiling

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