Orin Stays behind in Tanna, Vanuatu

DSC00043 (Custom)On Wednesday Orin and Eli went over to Andrew’s house to make slingshots. His 13 year old son Anthony had cut some tree branches for our boys that were the perfect Y shape for making slingshots. They all then went to the store together to buy some elastic slingshot material and then they used the leather from some old boots to finish off the holder for the rocks. They had a great time together and have some great weapons to show for it.

DSC00031 (Custom)Then we were leaving today, Andrew’s son Anthony gave Orin a bright orange Vanuatu t-shirt and in a little hat he handed over a little baby parrot he had found earlier in the day. They had clipped its tail feathers so it could not fly away and wanted to know if Orin could have it. We had to explain that there is no way we could bring it with us but then I felt bad and brought it to the boat. After everyone took pictures with the beautiful parrot we went back in the dinghy to return it to Anthony to take care of it. I asked them if they had a name for the parrot and they said no. So I offered them the name of “Orin”. They said that it was perfect and that Orin can stay behind with them.

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  1. Ha, got me fooled with that headline! Thought you were down to 8 on the boat.

  2. That is sooo cute- imagine just being able to catch a pretty parrot and clip it’s wings for a pet- how fun!
    I am very glad that Orin did not stay behind, we like him far too much!

  3. I’m with Heldor on this one. Thought you had left Orin behind. Couldn’t figure out why but knowing this family anything quirky is possible. Dad

  4. you guys are rotten. My blood pressure sure went up. First he falls overboard and then you leave him behind. Your son should come live with me. I would never play such tricks on him.

  5. You ought to be a headline editor for the Enquirer

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