My most Perfect Birthday Ever! – Crepes, Bago Maze & Fudge

kir-birth1 My birthday was the most perfect day I ever remember. I am not sure why. I think I just felt so blessed to be surrounded by my family and have no concerns at all except having a special day with them. It started with me rolling over under my covers and listening as Alyssa was busy in the kitchen making crepes for my birthday breakfast. I could hear her and dad laughing and talking together. Zak had his morning nurse and then curled up in a ball and fell back asleep. I woke up with a feeling this would be a day I would never forget. I got up and sort of tiptoed out of our rental cottage near Port Macquary, Australia and went on a glorious run in the morning sun. We were staying at a place right on a river that leads to the ocean. I could smell the trees and ocean smells as I jogged along and I sort of had this running conversation with the Lord. As I was thanking him out loud for all my blessings I realized I might have looked a little strange to those passing. I go through different scenarios and ask for help when certain hard situations occur and I tell him how I have resolved things in the past and I even discuss when I know I have not resolved them in the right way. I somehow sort things out and I get feelings of how I should act in the future.  He let me know then and there that I am a blessed mother and even I cannot fully comprehend all the goodness and blessings he has poured out upon me. I know nothing in my life is a coincidence. Everything, even this cottage on the water was no accident. I returned home so full. I was grinning from ear to ear as Zak and Teyauna ran into my arms as I entered the house. I could see breakfast was still going to take awhile and so I soaked in the tub!!!! When is the last time I was able to do that? The boys ran me a bath and then I just let all my sore muscles relax and soak up the hot bubbles.

At breakfast the kids gave me a few odd gifts wrapped in socks. A couple days earlier dad had told Alyssa to take me shopping. So I tried on and picked out a few things that are not sun-bleached and worn to threads. The clothes were not a surprise but seeing how dad was so happy to know he had made me happy was the best part. Eli wrote me a birthday rap. After the boys cleaned up for me they had a hair doing contest and I was the only contestant. I think Jaeden won but it was pretty bad. ( donˇt tell him but Teyauna can braid better than the boys)

kir-birth2Soon we all piled in the van and went out into the country to an old vineyard that had a giant secret. As we bumped along the grassy road we were in awe of the rolling hills and lush landscape. Nothing quite prepared us for the view that greeted us as we tumbled out of the packed vehicle. Acres of grape vines, hills of bright green freshly mowed grass and a giant hedge maze!!!  We had heard of the Bago Maze and we all wanted to try it out. We spent an hour wandering in and out of different paths that all seemed to lead somewhere important but kept leading us in circles. Finally dad figured the way out and sat on the high hill calling to us to turn this way or that way to help us out. The truth is no one else really wanted to get unlost so we kept wandering. By the time we were all out and climbed back up the hill we could see into the maze and see the way easily out. So the boys decided to have running contests to see how fast they could get out of the maze. We laughed and cheered as each one tried to out-do the others’ best time. Even Orin and Eli raced through it a few times. It is amazing how just a bit of experience can give you confidence and ability to do things that previously seemed impossible. I will try to remember this. After the maze we went to a chocolate and fudge factory. We bought and tried all kinds of treats that the Schafers do not usually eat. For dinner we had fresh fish and chips and took them to the beach for a picnic. Can you just imagine how beautiful the day was for me? Not one single argument or unkind word from anyone. I will never forget this day.


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  1. If anyone in the world deserved this kind of day, you did, Kir. You look for reasons to be grateful all the time and so they come to you and you feel blessed to the brim (which you definitely are). Others with the same blessings don’t realize them and so they can’t feel that peculiar state of grace that comes from focusing on all that ‘s wonderful in our lives.

  2. happy birthday Kirsten,
    what a wonderful day and a great memory. your kids really know how to make you feel special on your day 🙂

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