Living the Dream

Well we haven’t moved much by wind power in the past few days but I guess I shouldn’t complain as the weather has been beautiful. Blue skies every day. Apart from Alyssa getting heat stroke and a sunburn the first day we are doing well.

As I looked out today over the smooth surface of the lake like ocean I couldn’t help but realize that we are ACTUALLY living out our dream. Until now I have just been putting one foot in front of the other with such determination and zealousness that I have not actually stopped to think about what we are accomplishing. We set a goal to do this trip over 10 years ago and we are finally doing it. I have my favorite people on board the ship with me and we are enjoying one another’s company, passing the days away as we sail to the Pacific. I can hardly believe we are living out our dream!

day6-DSC00260 (Custom)Today Alyssa was teaching Eli and Teyauna how to make friendship bracelets, Jaeden, Orin and Dailin were lounging around reading books and Kirsten was relaxing at the helm. Eli had both Kirsten and I reading to him for at least two hours today. Jaeden even had Kirsten and Dailin doing some exercises out on the front trampoline.

day6-DSC00264 (Custom)

Zakary was excited every time he could go to his water bucket or crawl around the deck with his harness on. It is simple, beautiful and absolute heaven.

The lesson here is if you have a dream write it down. If you want to accomplish your dreams move forward confidently knowing they are possible and they will come true.

8:20 pm PDT, Lat: 21° 27.899′ N, Long: 119° 57.358′ W, Course 200° T, Speed: 0.8 k, Wind: N 3.8 k, Swell: N 1′, Cloud Cover: 5%, Barometer: 1012 hPa, Temp: 18°C

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  1. Great to hear. Inspiring. Enjoy your crossing.


    1. we all wish that we could sail around the world with YOU

      LOVE YA ALL!
      Your 11 year old cousin

  2. Glad you are all adapting to the changing wind conditions. With such a big crew, you may be able to resolve the difficulyt by having everyone sit or stand in an appropriate location on the boat and exhale forcefully in unison. Looking foreward to your next update
    Ron & Barb

  3. The description of the ocean, sound so relaxing, peaceful and beautiful. I am impressed how the kids use their time so wisely 🙂 You have a great family and we are inspired.

  4. I love hearing all your updates! What an amazing adventure you guys are having. Having Kir and her family sail to Samoa was a huge blessing in my life. I was able to have a wonderful friend for those three years and beyond! I know your family will have a great impact on those that you meet along your way. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us! We are checking in daily for more.:) Lots of love to you guys.

  5. your altogether thats the main thing and safe…..

  6. Wow. Still enjoying every message you and your family post.

    May Heavenly Father Bless you on your journey.

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