Lavalava’s at Sea

As we were at sea all day today, we tried having our own church service all day today. It was rather challenging however. It seemed that all forces were against us throughout the morning and day. At first it was waiting for Zak to sleep, then he wouldn’t sleep. Then people had not finished preparing their talks. Then the winds stopped and we pulled the sails down and started to motor. Then I put Zak to sleep and fell asleep myself in the process. When just about ready to start one more time, the winds picked up so we hauled the sails up one more time. It wasn’t until 3pm that we finally ended up starting our Sunday service.

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Jaeden, Dailin, Orin, Eli and I were all dressed up in our black Samoan lavalava’s that we had just bought. Teyauna gave a short talk on being like Jesus, Eli spoke on Christ calming the seas (fitting for the situation the past few days) and Kirsten then Alyssa spoke on the principle of tithing. It was a great way to spend the end of our Sunday and a relief that we were finally able to have our meeting.

Life on the ocean is very simple but sometimes without a set time-line we get lost and distracted. I find frequently that if we don’t have a set goal or objective along with a set plan, things come at us and sidetrack us. It is important for us all to have not only a clear idea of what we what to do but also know how and when we are going to do it. This is a sure way to ensure that the important things we want to do every day and every year actually are achieved.

We had hoped to arrive in Savusavu before sunset but it is 6pm and we still have 20 miles to go. While we have been hugging the Fiji coastlines since early this morning we have barely caught a glimpse of much. It has been overcast and cloudy all day. Probably the foggiest we have seen it yet with only a two to three miles of visibility.

Looks like we will be in Savusavu late tonight. If the winds hadn’t died down in the night and this morning we could have made it but it was not meant to be. We’d probably have had to wait until Monday to clear customs anyways. Lets just hope the anchorage is easy to get into tonight. Should have an almost full moon to help if the clouds will just clear.

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  1. You speak about high winds, low visibility and anchoring in unfamiliar harbors at night as if it were just daily fare, but I know how hairy each of those conditions can be. You guys sound like you’re becoming seasoned sailors. Be prepared to get very homesick for the cruising life once you return home.

  2. Loved the picture. But, heh, where was Zak’s lavalava?

    I remember in Samoa wearing my lavalava on our Friday Aloha Day. It was sorta okay while in the office where everyone else was doing the same thing but when I had to leave the office and go shopping it was really really really edgy!!! I was all alone and while some men were wearing lavalavas most weren’t and in any case THERE WERE NO WHITE GUYS WEARING ONE!!!! I was always always, every single second worried that it would fall off.

    Oh yeah, those were the days. Great fun.

    Are you really going to wear them to church when you get back? Poor Bishop Carter. He won’t know whether . . . well, how to take this and what he should do. Ha ha. I’d love to be there. Dad

  3. you look like typical samoans attending church,at least you dressed the part the spiritual feelings will engulf you I know what you mean finding time for the Lord… travels and BULA!!!!!!

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