Fishing Baby Wipes


Eli finished building his Star Wars Lego starship that he started working on yesterday. He did such an incredible job with it that Jaeden could not resist picking it up and flying it around the full deck of the boat.


For most of the afternoon I let out the fishing line to troll behind the boat in an effort to catch something to eat. After a few hours I reeled the line in to find something caught on the line. Excited I reeled it in but was a little disappointed with what I found. The only thing on the end of the line was a well rinsed biodegradable baby wipe that had probably been tossed overboard a few hours earlier. I’m not sure if its just that we don’t have enough weight on the line but we have not caught anything yet. I’m still holding out for a Tuna fish but don’t know if my 60 pound fishing line could handle the pull when we are moving at a steady pace. As the speed picked up I reeled in the line with the determination that I would try again another time.

8:15 pm PDT, Lat: 17° 36.907′ N, Long: 121° 30.284′ W, Course 202° T, Speed: 7.5 K, Wind: NE `18.2 K, Swell: N 5′ Rough, Cloud Cover: 5%, Barometer: 1013 hPa, Temp: 20°C   … Current Location

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  1. Looks like you have the wind back and making good time..yea

  2. Norm, did Kir tell you that all we caught were the flying fish that landed in the cockpit from time to time? And they were too small to eat. It sounds like a smart move that you brought the lego along because if you ever do get caught in the doldrums, you can entertain yourselves with lego projects. Do you ever do celestial navigation or are your positions from your machines? We have a warm gentle ran here today, perfect for going on a walk to get damp but not wet. And the air smells of newly mowed lawns. We went sailing this morning, but it was from garage to garage instead of port to port. I wish I could astrotravel to visit you for a few hours before zipping home.

  3. Ya, Dustin and I trailed our line for weeks and weeks and all we caught was seaweed- I am not sure if has something to do with the shallow depth or what…hmmm

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