Catalina Island Submarine Ride

Today has got to be one of the coolest days so far.  Waking up in Catalina after spending a night in the harbor we drove the dinghy to the crowded dock and began exploring the island.  After checking out all the cool shops and restaurants we decided we wanted to do some of the excursions and adventures the island’s famous for.

We called a zip-line company to see if they had spots but they were all sold out for spring break. Fortunately they had a great submarine tour.  It was so awesome, we all loaded onto a red submarine which was more like a glass bottom boat and explored Lover’s Cove.  Inside were glass walls and diagrams of all the unique ocean creatures we would see.  Our tour guide explained the different types of fish and sea life.  It was incredible to see the ocean from a different point of view and we got tons of great pictures.

After that we all went mini golfing to the island’s only mini golf course.  With lots of challenging holes everyone had an awesome time.  We played from over an hour on their 18 or holes and split up into two groups.  It was one of the best mini golf courses I’ve ever been to and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Mini Golf on Santa Catalina Island

After that we wanted to get out of the sun and grab a bite to eat so after seeing an ad for $1.00 tacos we walked about 15 minutes up the road, and found an off the beaten path authentic Mexican restaurant called “The Sand Trap” overlooking the golf course.  Feeding nine people isn’t normally cheap but this was one of the cheapest restaurants we’ve ever been to with amazing food.  The average price was $3.00 a person since we loaded our tacos up with tons of extra toppings.  They even had food for Eli who has lots of allergies and can’t normally eat at restaurants.

The Sand Trap Catalina Island

We then explored a bit more of the village stopping at a couple of shops and grabbing candy from a candy store before headed back to the dinghy. We had a fun-filled and awesome day.

Jaeden Schafer

I love to travel, and do adventurous things. I write for publications on the topics of Leadership, Business and Marketing. Studied Business Managment Marketing at BYU-Hawaii.

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