Captain Cook Cruises Fiji

Dressed up like Captain Cook the crew of the Cruises grabbed our bags and got things moving. With a quick check in we explored the surrounding shops for an hour as we waited for the boarding time of 1 in the afternoon. Boarding the ship we were greeted by pictures, costumes and singing crew members who handed out cold fruit drinks.  Setting off we settled into our rooms as the boat cut through the crystal blue water Fiji is so famous for. With complimentary Wifi in the main lounge and complimentary sun on the pool deck people made themselves right at home.

We ate a light blend of tropical fruit laid out for us on the snack table and checked out fresh towels and new snorkel gear and set our clocks to Fiji time. A couple hours and we where pulling up to the remote islands of the Yasawa group. Foamy sea spray splashed up the side of the power boats getting me a bit wet but heading for a sandy paradise I could care less.

DCIM100MEDIAOn the little private island we ditched our mats and towels and came back to a glass bottom boat that took us out a way to deeper water and the vibrant coral gardens. On the way we passed the “first time snorkelers class” which looked suspiciously like water aerobics at a swimming pool back home.

You had the option of exiting the boat by a ladder but of course I opted to drop backwards headfirst into the water. The fish where pretty good for all the places in the entire South Pacific I have snorkeled I think Fiji has the most different colors and sizes all in one area.

After discovering red coral, starfish and exploring the small sandy island we caught the boat back. On the ship we were informed to wear dress clothes for the captains dinner which was some really good food.

Watched the islands and water of the Yasawa group float past while we listened to live music in the lounge. All in all it was a fantastic day and I am glad we didn’t have to cook or wash dishes!

Jaeden Schafer

I love to travel, and do adventurous things. I write for publications on the topics of Leadership, Business and Marketing. Studied Business Managment Marketing at BYU-Hawaii.

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  1. Heh, guys love what you are doing. Are you doing this without your own boat? Is it sold and gone from you? Where do you go from here. Oh I just love what you are doing. Keep doing it. don’t stop. Dad

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