Captain Cook Cruise Snorkelling

DCIM100MEDIACaptain Cook Cruise’s nanny insisted she take Zak from me for a little while so I could snorkel. I felt anxiety tighten within my stomach. Zak seemed happy with the idea but I never leave my baby with strangers and I reasoned with myself that I may not even like the snorkel spot. As everyone was clambering off the glass bottom passenger boat I caught Norm’s eye. He knew what was going on. He knows I have a little phobia of the water and I always try to get out of water activities. He quickly moved over took Zak and placed him in Nanny’s arms and reminded me how much I have been looking forward to this dive site. Knowing he was right I donned my mask and snorkel and slipped my feet into the rubber flippers. As I plunged backwards into the warm waters I heard my baby babbling happily above me. Within minutes my anxieties were forgotten. The bright blue coral entranced me. I held my breath and dove down to get a closer look. As I resurfaced a school of fluorescent green and yellow fish surrounded me sending shafts of sparkling lights twinkling in all directions. These tiny fish were perfectly matched to the green and yellow coral they had been hiding in.  I swam on and on letting the current take me through the pass. I felt like I was in a fantasy world where purple and orange coral buildings grew in odd shapes and angles, roads and highways rose and fell at will and new and strange sea creatures appeared out of nowhere.

DCIM100MEDIASwimming is not one of my strong skills but I forgot all about that as I dipped and dove to be closer to the wonders beneath me. I have seen a lot of the ocean on our journey but this was magical and in this place under the sea time had no meaning. I have no idea how long I was floating in my dream world but I happened to pop my head above water and noticed the beach we were meant to end up on slipping away. I had let the current take me too far. I snapped back to reality and swam with all my might back up current to our landing place.

I know I had a big smile on my face as I walked lazily back to my towel. I wanted to lay down and rest but the Nanny was just returning from her outing with Zak and I could hear his happy chirping as he came running toward me. With bucket in hand we splashed and played at the sea shore collecting sea shells and sea water. When Norm finally made it back he looked concerned and asked what happened to me. He had been planning to take photos of me. I forgot all about him and Eli and Teyauna as I drifted in and out of my sea world.

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  1. To Kir, the mermaid:
    Good on ya! Never mind the video. One of those moments that’s been recorded multi-dimensionally in your memory.

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