Santa Barbara – An Eventful Dingy Ride

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So today Teyauna decided to have a tea party and so she made banana bread and
cucumber sandwiches. But we were short on time and so we had a tea party minus
the “Tea”… well that was a first. She wasn’t too keen on this so finally we
made lemonade to compensate. Afterwards we took the dingy to the main dock and
unloaded to go to the movie theatre to watch “Oz, The Great and Powerful”.
After the movie we went to the Santa Barbara farmers market and got some produce
and food to eat on the way back, only to have a very eventful dingy ride home!

The Farmers Market in Santa Barbara
The Farmers Market in Santa Barbara

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  1. We are all waiting in anticipation of what made the dinghy ride eventful?

  2. Oh Norm and Kir, Analaea is spot on. What made the dinghy ride so exciting. You must write more. How else can you make us jealous and it is jealous we all want to be. Love you guys. Dad

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