Sand Castle Contest For Charity (Oahu, Hawaii)

Sand Castle Contest For Charity (Oahu, Hawaii)

Aloha Oahu Friends: You're Invited!

Some build their castles in the clouds – others in sand. If you have ever been to a beach as a child, you probably enjoyed forming sand into mountains, castles, turtles or just burying your best buddy up to the chin.

In order to revive these childhood memories, Sand Castle Hawaii is holding a competition in sandcastle building on December 2nd at Pipeline Beach from 10-12 in the morning. Prices will include gift cards from So’da Bomb and Ono Yo.

The competition will be for families, friends and amateurs. Come and build your castle or palace or car or plane or animal or whatever your heart desires. What can you make possible with the simple ingredients of sand and water?

Sandcastle History

On a side note, even though the competition is for everyone, sand building has aspired into an art in recent decades. Even world championships have taken place.

The sculptures have become increasingly complex and detailed. The record sand castle was almost 50 feet tall, higher than the average two story family house.

Sand Angels Record

Records have been set also in sand angel creation, with more than 1000 people doing sand angels at the same time.

So If you live on Oahu and you love sandcastles or helping others, you are invited on December 2nd! I am excited to see you there!

Amazing Sandcastles Video

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