Welcome to the savage island of Nuku Hiva

Today like so many days since our journey I am in awe of the beauties and gifts life has to offer. Before we came to this lush savage land of Nuku Hiva we prayed we would be led where we were needed  and  be blessed to find those who could help us in our needs. Nuku Hiva is the largest of the Marquesas islands and a we approached the giant volcanic island my mind was driven back 25 years to the first time I sailed up to this land. Even from the distance you see the mist clinging to the mountain tops and waterfalls spilling down the rocks. The harbor is large and deep and the mountains are dripping in jungle right down to the seashore.  The bay was filled with sailboats and local fishing boats. We waved and were greeted by several friendly cruisers but the locals here are a little more used to seeing foreigners and did not seem to notice our arrival. We arrived on a Saturday so Dad and I set into town to get a few supplies and see if we could find a church on the island.
We asked around at a little store and found out there was not an actual church building here but a lady came up and said we could ask at a little ‘roulette’ or portable street restaurant. We walked a ways and inquired at a busy little roulette. The man seemed quite shy but  said that he and his family were members of our church. He said he would bring us to church with his family on Sunday. We thanked him and returned in the morning to the same place. He and his wife and daughter were all dressed up and ready to go.  The members meet in a small rented home that serves as a chapel for their 15 or so members.

DSC01606 (Custom)After the first hour the family that drove us said they had to leave but invited us for lunch after church. As we spoke to the church members we learned that all the members who attended were not actually from this island but had moved here from Tahiti for work. The other families and the missionaries had been trying for some time to find a way reach out in friendship to our new friends. They had had a special prayer that week to invite them to church and it was wonderful they came.

DSC01640 (Custom)At lunch later as we visited we were so humbled at the beautiful meal and all the kindnesses they showed us. They even invited the senior missionary couple to eat with us. Because they own a mini restaurant they let everyone order their favorite island meal. They have a large family and Dad and all of us felt that for some reason we were led directly to this family. Tomorrow they are bringing us fruit and the next day they invited us on a trip into the valley and up to see some sights in the mountains.  Who knows what will happen with our association the rest of the week but I already feel gratitude for their gracious welcome to their island.

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