Watching a Big Storm

Last night we all decided to take a bit of an early break to watch a movie together. Our boat was not moving anywhere so we felt safe taking a break together. We pulled the pins out of the dining room table legs so that we could move it down. We then grabbed the custom cut oval foamy that is stored at the foot of Orin and Eli’s bed and converted the table. It is much more of a comfortable lounge area rather than sitting upright around a table. We then started up the movie, can you guess which one we selected?

day8-DSC00327A few months ago our friends the Perry’s had suggested we watch the movie “Life of Pi” while we sailed so we mustered up our courage knowing there were no storms on the horizon. Yes the storm scenes were a bit too realistic for sailors on the ocean but I figured perhaps it would keep the kids from sleeping too soundly which would leave them more alert when they have to get up in the middle of the night for their turn on watch. Besides, we don’t have a Bengal tiger on our boat so we should be OK. Thanks Jason for the suggestion, if we have nightmares we’ll blame them on you.

8:20 pm PDT, Lat: 19° 01.517′ N, Long: 121° 00.396′ W, Course 199° T, Speed: 2.3 K, Wind: NE 4.5 k, Swell: N 0.5′, Cloud Cover: 10%, Barometer: 1011 hPa, Temp: 21°C

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  1. There is a minor cold front up here in the San Francisco area, hopefully you get some wind from this. It sounds great enjoying the warm clear days in the middle of the ocean..

  2. I am so sorry to say this but knowing that I might be watching “Pi” out there on the ocean with pack of kids I WOULD MOST CERTAINLY HAVE BOUGHT A STUFFED TIGER hooked him up on a string and at the right moment lifted him up for all to see and scream. Man, I laugh just thinking of it. So sorry. “Smiling Dad”

  3. We just got home from two weeks in hawaii and boy do we miss the warm weather a lot. It’ really cold today and its about 14 degrees C in Vic. We seen Pi and really enjoued it. Sounds like you’re haveing a blast. We liked the idea of a stuffed tiger popping up at a crucial moment. Your dad always did have a mind for the unusual and bizaar. Good one Den. Sail safe. Love ya lots. B & T

  4. Does your boat moves only with the wind? What about the engine? Does not have one?…….I am totally ignorant on this (obviously) I still think that it is awesome that you have embraced such adventure 🙂

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