Video from Samoa

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  1. Thanks for all the sharing you have done of this epic and wonderful adventure … your sharing brings a little of the adventure to all of us … love and continued safety!

  2. Great video! This time Alyssa is the star. I guess the Samoa Tourism Authority gave you a personal camera crew? Nice that one can hear your voices and laughter over the sound track.

  3. We are so happy to have met you while you were here in Samoa! We are enjoying your blog so much, especially this fantastic video of places we also love. Manuia Lava i lou foulauga!

  4. Oh, you Schafers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know you posted this to make the rest of us envious – and it worked. It was great coming along with you on some of these adventures. I could feel the spray on my face and smell the pua-scented air. Jaeden and Alyssa, you guys were awesome dancers. I think we’ll book a little performance for when you come home. We love these posts, videos, photos and emails. Love to all.

  5. Thanks again. I agree it is nice to hear the voices and laughter over the music.

  6. Kir and Norm THAT WAS THE BEST EVER. it made me happy, jealous, and totally transported me back in time. I think you should NOT COME HOME!! i think you should take you crew all over the world, to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Spain and everywhere else that they can learn all the things they are learning. What an incredible “education” they are getting. One that will last a lifetime. I LOVED THAT VIDEO!!! Mucho. Dad

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