The fish caught us this time

DSC07958 (Custom)Fiji is such an awesome place and everything is super inexpensive in comparison to most every other island in the south pacific, internet is like 1$ an hour (US) at the café’s and it costs 2-4$ for a full meal at a restaurant!

Today we finally pulled the band aid off and left Savu Savu although it has been an awesome place, we have been living here for a week and it’s time to see other places. With beaches, hot springs (like literally boil your food hot) Eco resorts and waterfalls that due to no rain looked like trickles and a quirky little town it’s not a place we are going to forget soon! This morning we went and visited some friends we met yesterday and saw their boat. It’s a 56 foot Lagoon and really nice I love their fridges haha although we have it pretty good with our huge chest fridge, hey have three and one is a standup fridge so all their stuff isn’t buried like ours.  They are also members of the same church as us so they have met many of the same people. Apparently being a couple weeks behind us for the last few months they keep getting asked if they know us.

At the moment we have one full tank of clear water and two tanks of water that look lighter than chocolate… Since it rained hard the day before when we filled up our water tanks the water had quite a bit of mud in it but we didn’t realize this until we were finished and filled up a bucket with the water, so that should be interesting. Mom says it is full of bacteria and will make us all sick so I volunteered as the guanine pig and have been drinking it, so far I am not seeing doubles or experiencing heart failure, so that’s good!

So after hearing more success stories about fishing today we decided to fix our rod and try. Dailin set it all up with a lure and then started fishing, but instead of putting it in the rod holder he decided to just hold it. After around an hour of getting no bites he decided to take a nap while holding it… interesting. About an hour later he woke up and was asking everyone in a very intense voice “who took my rod?” “very funny guys I know your hiding it”. It turns out that the person that took it was actually a fish that bite it and pulled it out of his hands and to the bottom of the ocean while he was sleeping so it should be fun trying to catch fish now haha.

Since there are tons of reefs and coral heads all around the islands of Fiji we decided to anchor for the night which is so nice since we don’t have to stay up late on watch and don’t have to fix sails all night.

Jaeden Schafer

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  1. Ha Ha. THAT WAS FUNNY!! What a story to remember. I hope the rod and reel weren’t too expensive. We never did have much success with fishing. Yes, we did catch a few. They were the ones that flew into the cockpit while we slept. You remember that Kir?

  2. must have seen life of Pi easy way to catch fish…….enjoy your travels especially American Samoa and Samoa,savaii…..

  3. haha 😉

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