The Australia Zoo (by Dailin)

We all slowly untangled ourselves from the boxes and suitcases as our van pulled up to the parking lot of the Australia Zoo. The drive was less than pleasant with lots of extra people and things to fit into the van but we all agreed the reward would be promising.

We all stretched our legs and headed for the entrance of the home to the Crocodile Hunter. Once we all got our passes we headed for the first stop, a koala hut. Looking into the trees at head height were grey fuzz balls clinging to the tree as they slept, some with babies hanging on their backs! Next was the Crocs in the murky waters. Large round eyes just above the surface looking straight at us for their next likely snack.

Later we went to a show about many of the different kinds of animals they have in the zoo. First up were the birds. From a whole platoon of tiny parrots zipping around the stadium like fighter jets to one of the largest types of birds, a vulture with an incredible wing span larger than a grown adult! Soon it came time for the crocodile star of the show. It swam through the water not making a ripple on the surface of the pond.

Only two brave specially trained handlers were allowed inside the danger zone. Once the Croc came on land the trainers kept their distance as they explained the facts about the Crocs. Then a couple minutes later they attempted to show us their eating habits… we all hoped this demonstration didn’t need any volunteers. Once the brave guy feeding the crocodile was on the bridge he held out the piece of meat and WHOMP! The man pulled his hand away just as the Croc pushed its self out of the water and into the air with a tail that produces hundreds of pounds of thrust!

After the grand finale we all went to the kangaroo park. So we got to see them all jumping and laying in the shade, one even started boxing with Alyssa! Jaeden and I then left for the tram to Africa. We jumped off and walked to where we saw Melvin and mart… I mean a giraffe and a zebra! Then we saw animals like rhinos and a live T-Rex… umm well not that last one, but we saw two tigers that they trained to jump!

On our way back me and Jaeden went past the wombats and weird turkey like birds and lizards as abundant as squirrels that ran everywhere. Once we all met up with the rest of the family we decided that we had a day well spent.

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  1. This sounds like an adventure I would have enjoyed, especially if I got to volunteer someone to be croc bait. Gramps always says he wants to die in a spectacular way. Do you know anyone else who became dinner for a hungry reptile?

    I love your account, Dailin. You make everything feel real and exciting.

  2. I too loved your report, Dallin. I always loved Alyssa, Mom’s and Dad’s report now I get to add Dallin’s to the list. Didn’t the “Crocodile Man” die from being eaten by a Croc? I wonder what Crocodile tastes like? Do they eat them there? Dad

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