Taha’a Tahiti

Taha’a is a beautiful island, but, more beautiful yet are the coral reefs that
surround it. Our family took a weekend trip to Raiatea (Ray-ah-Tay-ah). While there a guide took us on a day trip to the island called Taha’a. After learning about how pearls are formed, we went to the other side of the island and went snorkeling. I saw coral of blue, brown, orange, yellow, pink, purple, red and green. There were sea anemones, sea urchins and hermit crabs. The sky was blue and the ocean bluer than you could ever imagine without having been there yourself. Not only is the coral colorful but the fish as well. I even saw eels bigger than I have ever seen. Thanks to a local guidebook I was able to identify the sealife.

Not only did I like the snorkeling, but the people as well. After snorkeling we went on a tour of the island. My Mom and Dad wanted to buy some vanilla beans, so they asked the person driving the Jeep to stop somewhere where they could buy some. He did. When we went into the little shop, we were greeted with flower leis that they had made. Mom bought two packets of vanilla and the old lady in the shop added one more. We then bought a handmade necklace and the lady added two more necklaces. We tried to pay for them but only succeeded in buying them for half price as well as adding four more packets of vanilla. The island, fish, coral reefs, and people realy made Taha’a the beautiful place it was.

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