Sydney Bridge Climb in Australia

Orin was all smiles as we put on our blue baseball caps that had to be tied to our blue jumpsuits along with the headsets our guide provided us with. We were not allowed to bring any personal items such as cameras, wallets or even watches on the climb. Apparently with us clamouring along the beams that start under and then ascend high above the car deck of the bridge, they don’t want anything falling onto any of the vehicles. It was a three hour trip to suit up before heading along the gangways, ladders and platforms that led us on our climb of the largest single span bridge on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

After a lengthy orientation, our group of seven people, all wearing the grey and blue jumpsuits, harnessed up and attached ourselves to the safety line. For the entire duration of the climb we were always attached to the bridge with our harness tether. It reminded me of what it was like for Zakary as he had to be harnessed onto our sailboat all of the time. There was only so far one could go. We hiked the two to four kilometres first below the car deck of the bridge before mounting up a series of staggered ladders that went up to the top of the bridge From this point we walked up the slow curve of the bridge until we reached the top of the centre-most section of the bridge. The view was incredible and looked over the Sidney Harbour and out toward the Sidney Opera House.

Orin was absolutely thrilled and excited to have been the one other person in our family lucky enough to get to do the bridge climb. It was a beautiful sunny day and the hike was refreshing from this scenic point. It was an incredible highlight to finish off our trip to Sydney. While at the top of the bridge we stopped while our guide took a few photos and short video of the adventure.

The climb continued at a very slow pace. I have to admit that I would have preferred to take the express climb, but then again, why be in a great hurry when looking at Sydney from what seemed like the top of the world! Orin said he could have stayed up on the bridge all day.

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