Tahiti Secret Corners

Kite Surfing MooreaTahiti Secret Corners that you can discover? I’ve been to the South Pacific Islands many times but these islands never get old. This time around, I am returning with my wife to French Polynesia where 118 islands are dotted across a vast region the size of Europe. 67 of these islands are inhabited, and of that, 46 are serviced by regular flights. So far I have visited 17 of these islands and on this upcoming trip, that will change to 18.

Every island is unique and has something different to offer. That’s why there are so many Tahiti Secret corners. Some have blue lagoons, others have tall mountain peaks, while others have a combination of both. Follow along for some inside tips and experiences on what makes each of the islands of Tahiti so interesting. Hear about the Tahiti Secret corners that you too can visit.

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