Sailing Adventure Music Video

Here is a Music Video the Schafer kids recorded during their year long 2013 South Pacific Sailing Adventure. It was recorded, edited and created completely by our 7 children (ages 1 to 18). We done a number of presentations on our voyage including one this past week. Watching this video gave us some watery eyes as we were reminded once again of our incredible year long family sailing adventure.

Family is not over, we will continue to post more of our day to day family adventures and experiences so check back regularly. If you subscribe to this website (enter in your email to the left), you will get emailed updates as more blogs are posted. We may even invite others to post some of their inspiring family adventures to share. Do you have an adventurous family experience that brought your family closer together? Feel free to post a comment below.

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  1. Very nice Norm and Kirsten, you have talented kids.

    So, where and when is the next adventure?

    1. I get that question a lot. Where is the next adventure? I keep thinking I may have to take my family to the international space station to top this adventure but for now we are planning a trip at the beginning of 2015 to a Surf/Beach Lodge in rural Nicaragua. We are inviting other families to join us for a week or two if you want to come along. Once there we will surf/paddleboard and conduct a variety of Humanitarian projects such as feeding school kids, installing a water filtration system for a family, working in an orphanage and maybe helping do some building at a local school.

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