Ready to Go – Our Biggest Crossing!

Our departure from San Diego has been rescheduled for tomorrow. With a few last minute repairs and plans necessary we felt it best last week to postpone our departure. There is no point in rushing things, after all we have the rest of the year for our journey and we want to make sure everything is in order. (See where we are on this Map)

Zak Eats Dirt

After inviting a Coast Guard representative to do a safety check of our vessel we discovered that our bow navigation light was no longer working. Today we had an electrician help troubleshoot the problem while I was troubleshooting why our ham radio email was not transmitting.

Each of the kids were tackling a long list of projects. Orin was scrubbing the decks, Eli scrubbing the heads, Teyauna washing the floors, Dailin assisting the electrician in running new wires and Jaeden etching the ID number in the hull. Kirsten and Alyssa in the meantime were stocking up on more provisions and the fruits and vegetables which will probably only last a week. Near the end of the day Kirsten and the kids were all cleaning up the boat while I returned the rental car and grabbed a few last items at Costco. It was an exhausting day but we feel much closer to our imminent departure.

Dinner in the Cockpit

It has been sad to say goodbye to friends and it has been exciting to think about the start of our adventure together. Hard to think that after so many months of preparing we are ready to set sail for the big blue ocean. Our Puddle Jump adventure is about to begin.

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  1. Bless you Schafers!!!!!! So exciting.

  2. I can’t express the feelings that I have been having as I read through your posts. This is an adventure of a life time and one that brings back incredible memories from the BYUH days. Good luck with everything and be safe. God will go with you. Love to all.
    Ed and Colleen

  3. Kir and Norm, it’s great to see your little veggie starts in the pics (and the darling baby gardener). You’ll be so grateful for those. Remember how easy it is to have fresh sprouts growing in a jar, as well. And if you still have time, check out your supplies of root-cellar-type veggies (onions, carrots, potatoes. garlic, yams, squash etc) because those will last so much longer than the other fresh produce. Believe me, by the end, you’ll be appreciative of anything fresh, even if it’s something that’s not normally your favorite. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    I can barely bear the thought of not seeing you for a year, but appreciate your updates.

  4. Emotions are riding high, but as a mother and Omi of your precious family I support you with my prays and all my love.
    Looking forward to spending time with you in Tahiti from June 22.

  5. I looked at that photo and thought “WOW! Alyssa sure got her hair straight. I didn’t think she could get it that straight, and she looks awfully young in that photo.” and then I saw Ty and Jace and guess that is Abby, NOT Alyssa. Make sure you get that radio working!!! if anything goes wrong, I want you to get help! I’ll be praying for you!

  6. I have been keenly following your prep and now the big crossing….big loves and alofas to you all be safe be careful,most of all be prayerful wish you well and safe travels we will be praying for you too.Are you coming over our way to Auckland New Zealand anytime in the future………love the Craigs – Allen,Penny,Marlee,Lata,Roma and the rest of our families…….Kia Kaha(B strong)

  7. Bon voyage. May Neptune be kind to you!

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