M.V. Aurora Explorer – Working BC Freighter Cruise – Day 6

October Passengers 20140800 Breakfast
Johnstone Strait
1230 Menzies Bay

There was a bit of a sombre feeling aboard the ship during an early breakfast in the morning. Everyone aboard was taking in the last half day aboard with a sense that it would soon be over. With only 12 passengers aboard, one tends to get to know everyone very well and the type of people that go on such a trip are very exceptional individuals.

As we slid down the inside passage between Vancouver Island and Mainland BC with its tree covered mountains, we had a chance to say our goodbye’s to Terry and Peter from Burnaby and Gibsons, to Ruth BC Islandand John from Saltspring Island, Eunice and Rachael from Prince George, Paul and Jim from Alaska and Colorado and Cecely and Dotter from Vancouver and Victoria. Over the past few days the experience was not just about seeing the BC coast. It was also about the people we met along the way and with whom we shared the experience. Even the steward Janette, our cook Carole, the deckhand Brady, the engineer Norm, the ship’s mate Kevin and our captain Philippe, created and shared such a personal experience with us that it left a deep impression on each passenger.MV Aurora Explorer Map

As much as I will remember the experience floating along the working coast of BC, I will remember the incredible people we interacted with along the way. Such a freighter trip is not for everyone but for those who appreciate nature and for those who appreciate meeting and making incredible friends along the way, this is the trip for them.

AMV Aurora Explorer Maps we disembarked the ship in Menzies Bay at 12:30 pm following an early lunch, it was sprinkling outside. We trampled across the muddy ship deck as our luggage was driven to our waiting vehicles. By the time we walked over to our cars our bags were there waiting. Of course my car battery was dead and so fortunately there were many willing hands to help give me a jump start. Before long we said our final goodbye’s and were on our way, each driving in our own cars, down the Vancouver Island highway to Victoria. 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful and rewarding trip. You are so right to point out the great experiences that come from meeting like minded people in surroundings that are beautiful and memorable. I’d love a trip like that.

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