Life in Tonga – Orin

Saturday, August 17

aug17-DSC05806 (Custom)Today was market day we went to the main market of Tonga. we bought lots of fruit. all of the fruit was oranges but they tasted so good. Mom said she would give us all a prize but I had to go get Dailin and Alyssa because she was sleeping so after I got them mom said we all could pick one necklace and we went to the best stand and we found out the owner was one of the two ordained carvers for the king he had the best carvings so we all got a really cool necklace. after we walked to the Mormon college for internet and we saw 11 stores along the 10 minute walk.

Sunday, August 18

Today we went to church. It was really cool to see the Tongan village and see the wild pigs running around. We met somebody from church named Stanley. he was really nice and he gave us some food that he made in an emu pit. It was really funny to see how excited the missionary’s got when Alyssa gave them a Twix bar. They said that there were only disgusting Chinese candy’s in Tonga. They also said they probably were not allowed on our boat after they were already on it.

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