Is Hanatekuua Bay Paradise?

day29-DSC01447 (Custom)  We took a day trip to Hanatekuua Bay. This little bay was only a 20 minute motor from our current location at Hanaiapa Bay. It was the most beautiful white sand beach to one side with a shoal on the South side of the bay. There was no other sailboat in this tiny little harbor but with it sandy beach lined with palm trees it was like a little spot of paradise. The kids were in awe as we pulled into this sheltered little bay on the North side of Hiva Oa with our friend Pifa. He was the reason we came here as he suggested it for a place to take the boys spear fishing. The only way to get to this little piece of paradise is by walking two hours on a long trail or by boat.

After anchoring in about 10 feet of water in the sand bottomed bay, we motored the kids to shore. Once the dingy was far enough up the beach where we were not worried that a wave would carry it back into the ocean once out of our view, we wandered up to a little covered picnic table on the beach.

I walked with Pifa and some of the kids up a short little trail to the home of his in-laws. The path wove its way through the palm trees further away from the beach to a little metal roofed structure that was their home. It was a simple dirt floored open air structure with a covered eating area and separate sleeping and storage areas. It reminded me of how simple a home can really be and how much we sometimes complicate our lives and homes with all sorts of “necessities” which we don’t need.

day29-DSC01518 (Custom)Scattered around the property were a number of horses that are used to help carry the copra. On this occasion however, Eli and Teyauna were privileged to benefit from a horse ride through the plantation and along the beach. They were both excited to have a horse ride around the property and ended their meander when the horse stopped for a drink by the little creek that flushed itself out into the ocean.

The fresh water in this little spot of paradise came from a spring that fed the creek. The water tasted absolutely incredible and was very refreshing. At the building on the beach, there was a nice faucet that doubled as a drinking source and a shower to clean off the salt water and sand.

After stopping for a bite to eat, Jaeden and Dailin went with me, Pifa, his cousin and one other relative to go spear fishing along the rocks that lined the East shore. Both Jaeden and Dailin spent a few hours in the water with the spear gun a friend at home had given us, to try to spear a fish.  They didn’t have any luck at all, but did manage to practice how to properly operate the spear gun. Pifa’s relatives on the other hand in the same amount of time, managed to catch a few dozen fish for dinner. Not only were they so accustomed to fishing but they could dive for much longer and much deeper than we could. It was incredible to watch them at work.

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  1. Now that looks like a place a person could really get attached. I looked on the map and thought that there was a road from the south side to the north side. To where did the ship the copra? I would assume that it is used for soap loations and other coconute meat. I guess that you have had a good deal of coconut milk. I really like it.. Spear a fish for me. As for the anchor, we have that blue bay mud that is very soft. I have found that if I move the boat right over the anchor it lift right out by hand. You have the winch and it should pull it right out. I also learned that if you drag the anchor and chain through the water it washes the sticky mud off the equipment. Best wishes .

  2. Another wonderful glimpse. Thanks.

  3. We are so pleased to be able to share your adventure with you via your daily updates. What a paradise you have been blessed to visit. We would have a difficult time leaving when the tiem comes. This is really an experience that the family, young and oldeer, will always remember.
    Ron & Barb

  4. Here we’re enjoying a misty cool morning amongst 100 shades of green. There you’re enjoying hot sun and white sand. I guess the key is that we’re all ‘enjoying’. What kinds of coconut dishes have you been making? Is Eli allergic to all coconut? Do you have any fishing nets that you could use to net those brilliantly colored fish?

    Thank you for sending us your fun stories for us to dream about.

  5. Kir and Norm thank you for these uplifting glimpses into paradise. Oh one can and does dream. I am curious. Where does the fresh water come from? What about the well water. It doesn’t seem logical that in such a place there would be fresh water underground OR EVEN FLOWING IN CREEK BEDS unless it was fed by mountain snow melting. Love you guys.

  6. I want the pictures to be huge- is there enough internet to attach bigger ones so i can be sufficiently jealous of your life?

  7. What a beautiful harbor to retire at.!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yes I would love more pictures

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