Hilo and the Big Island of Hawaii

After years of questions from friends and Cheap Tickets Canada customers, our family decided to take a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. Our kids never wanted to leave and my husband and I wondered why we had never taken the kids before. Not only were we greeted with the customary lei greeting but we were instantly engulfed in the balmy plumaria scented air. Despite getting our passports lost (or stolen) the locals were fantastic. Even the police welcomed us to their island when we made had to report our lost documents.

The Big Island of Hawaii has 11 different climates and three different colors of sand beaches (green, black, and white.) We were amazed at all of the free adventures that were ours to experience on this tropical island.

The Thurston Lava Tubes provided hours of fun as we explored giant tunnels left by the volcano. And no visit is complete without a visit to the famous Kilauea Volcano National Park where kids and adults can visit the interactive museum, Discovery Center and circle tour. You can even experience incredible views of the sulfur spewing crater (a bit strong smelling) and enjoy hikes, tours or visit the restaurants and gift stores.

After a day in the mountains we were ready for a local swim-hole secret, Kole Kole beach park. This unique place is both exciting and dangerous if you are not careful. Here the fresh waterfalls from the mountains rush to meet the ocean and create a refreshing freshwater swimming hole. The danger comes from flash floods due to excessive rainfall. The current can then wash you out to sea if you are not careful.

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