Family Snowman Road Trip to Quesnel, BC

Family Snowman Road Trip to Quesnel, BC

Family Snowman Road Trip

While my wife was heading off to Hawaii to check on our older 3 university student kids. I took a 10 hour family snowman road trip into the interior of British Columbia to my hometown of Quesnel. Not only were we greeted by family but we were treated to a light powdering of white snow. Our younger kids were the most excited to get out into the snow. Something we don’t see much of in Victoria.

Family Snowman - Frosty the snowman Family Hike in the SnowPlaying in the snowIt was Quesnel’s first snowfall of the year and too powdery to stick together. Our solution was a big bucket of water. We mixed it in with the snow so that it would not fall apart into a slushy bucket. We more or less had to slap the family snowman together rather than roll him into place. My sister had all of the pieces including a magic hat ready to go to make our own Frosty the Snowman. Zakary kept asking if the hat was magic. He was sure the family snowman was going to come to life.

Pinnacles Provincial Park

We also took an afternoon to hike in the light dusting of snow in Pinnacles Provincial Park. Zakary had a hard time keeping up to the rest of our little group which included Opa (Grandpa), Eli, Orin and Teyauna and me. He kept stopping to eat the snow of of all the little bushes and twigs along the side of the pathway. Finally on the way back Opa put him on his shoulders and we made it back to the car in much better time.

Pinnacles Provincial ParkOf course we had to leave, Frosty our family snowman survived about 3 days before melting away.

Enjoy a little snow this holiday season if you can! And check out this quick video of Zakary. You’ll never guess what he’s trying to do with the white powder!

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  1. Cute video clip of Zak eating snow. Glad he didn’t try this on the metal fence along the path!

  2. That was adorable to watch Zak try to get some of that snow in his mouth. If that was his dinner, he surely went to bed hungry. This looks like a fun winter adventure.

  3. Glad you could make it up for a visit. I wish Frosty had lasted a little longer. He put a smile on my face as I would arrive home. We have more snow for you now. Come on up!!

  4. I did not realize you had family in Quesnel. I was raised there 1945 to1963 Still have family there.

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