Day 40 – Canada: Charlottetown to Moncton Area

Sunday, June 28, 2009 – Day 31

This morning we had a bit of a problem. The night before the magnetic sensor on our door disappeared and as a result, the electric steps to the side door of our RV would not go up.

No matter what we did, we could not get the steps to go back up. As a result we ended up driving to church in the morning with our steps down. By the time we got there, someone had followed us and informed us that our steps were dangerously down… We thanked them for their observation as we rushed off for Sunday services to have a look at it a bit later.
We spent the morning at a Church in Charlottetown and had a great time meeting the friendly residents there. We didn’t stay long however as we needed to make our way for a three hour drive to Moncton, New Brunswick to visit some friends.
When we returned to our RV we still had the dilemma on what to do with our electric steps that were down. After discussing the options with the kids and thinking things over together, my 8 year old told us, “I have a magnet, we can use that!”. Within a few minutes we found his magnet, taped it to the door sensor and the annoying steps retracted back up. It was a marvelous site as we finally relaxed a bit.
Our drive was scenic and relaxing although our GPS did not take us on the usual routes so we ended up taking a scenic drive through the countryside farms of Prince Edward Island. I’m not entirely sure about this GPS but it has taken on some rather scenic drives from time to time. I do however refuse to follow it whenever it tries to route me onto a gravel road. Due to our bad experience I explained in Saskatchewan, I will no longer take our RV on dusty gravel roads if I can help it (although summer is the time for roadwork and so I have had a few times I could not avoid it). It took us a bit longer to get to our destination but crossed the Confederation Bridge to pay our $40 toll and drove on to the coast near Moncton.

It is time for us to take a pre-scheduled week off from our blog trip. We will continue again on July 6th.

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