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  1. Aloha! My family and I have enjoyed reading your blog posts as you sail through the South Pacific. Thanks for sharing your adventurous spirits and allowing us to tag along on the journey! We are currently planning on our own sailing family adventure that will involve the South Pacific and would love to get a response to some questions we had– mostly directed to mom/ dad however…
    Kirsten: How did you plan your meals/ food storage for the journey? organization of clothes/ personal items?
    All: What kind of sailing experience did you have before you ventured down the coast? Recommendations?
    Normand: What are your plans for after Australia?
    Thanks, there are many more questions I’d love to ask, but realize your time is limited… Thanks in advance!

    1. After Australia we will sell our boat and fly back home to Canada. We had very little sailing experience in open water prior to sailing down the California coast. Yes Kirsten as a 15 year old did sail with her family from Victoria, BC to American Samoa 25 years ago and I had been the passenger on a chartered sailboat on two occasions as a teenager for about a week with my family but that was the limit to our practical experience. Prior to moving onto “Far and Away” in January, neither of us had ever sailed on a catamaran. We spend three months learning our boat in the San Francisco Bay area before having someone who knew our boat, take us on a three day trip down the California coast and through turbulent Point Conception to Santa Barbara. Having captain Ron’s help for those three days on the open water and practicing our night watch schedule were invaluable! In the 3 years previous to our trip the kids all took week long sailing courses at the local yacht club, I took the oldest four kids through a ham radio course (Dailin passed at only 9 years old) and Jaeden and I did a four month, once per week navigation course (highly recommended if not necessary). Hope that answers some of your questions.

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