Close call with sharks in Australia

DSC01481 (Large) (Small)  “Whoosh” something shot by in the corner of my vision, I snapped my head in its direction trying to catch it with my eyes. Holding my breath I looked up to the surface of the water and realized how deep down I had gone. “Whoosh” there is was again and the realization dawned on me that this was no small fish, this was… A shark.

DSC01394 (Large) (Small)ESS, WHY, DEE, ENN, EEY, WHY, The sign spelled out, with the excited characters; “Join us under water” scrawled below. The picture of that poster was burned into my memory contrasting the reality unfolding before me. Panic rising in my chest I tried swallowing it down, grasping, trying to think of something, anything but the shark static I had heard so many time since entering this county. “These sharks are not here to mess around, these are the big boys and they mean business” seamed to scream in the back of my mind fighting its way to the top of of my cognitive thoughts. Many times had I been warned that the sharks in Australia where among the deadliest and most dangerous in the world, but did I believe it? Did I want to? A flash of gray and then another, getting closer and closer, they were closing in. Three heads with tell tale fins emerged in the water swimming directly at me, I started fumbling frantically as they where only inches from my head. Almost to late I whipped out my camera and snapped a picture as the sharks dove to the other side of the massive glass tunnel. Heart pounding I exhaled and thought; “what a picture”. Looking over my head I saw another shark majestic spiral it’s way over head through the throngs of fish.

DSC01473 (Large) (Small)The glass tunnel with a massive fish and shark tank above and around it was one of two we experienced in awe. The torpedo like penguins, sting rays that slapped and splashed the waters surface where mixed in among the tanks of camouflaging sea horses and glowing fish. Today we explored the Sydney Aquarium, with twists turns and breathtaking displays and aquatic life this was a gem of a find.

Jaeden Schafer

I love to travel, and do adventurous things. I write for publications on the topics of Leadership, Business and Marketing. Studied Business Managment Marketing at BYU-Hawaii.

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  1. You do have a knack for pulling people’s leg(s). May yours stay attached and never fall victim to shark nor piranha.

  2. Oh, I do so so much agree with Opa. That was cruel. I really really thought that was true and only took comfort in the fact that you were writing this so you must have survived. Ha Ha. You did it good. I have been in the water and seen sharks and even though they were smaller ones THEY WERE FRIGHTENING!! You could hear the music. How would anyone ever swim in Australia? I wouldn’t!! Grandpa

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