Caves in Tahiti

Jaeden – 11 years old

One misty day while looking for some tourist attractions in Tahiti we ended up some where out of the city.

While trying to retrace our route to the main road over looking the ocean we stumbled upon an old park with very few people in it. The park seamed to be used mostly by the locals and very out of the way of things.

We thought it would be a nice place to stop fore lunch and to stretch out our legs.

We all unloaded out of the big red truck we had borrowed from some friends we where staying with and started walking down some of the trails. Just then the rain started to drip off the big canvas leafs overhead so we tried to speed up our pace.

After walking for a little while we discovered an old cave with lush green moss growing all around it. We where all eager to get a closer look at the old cave but it was roped off so we started down the trail looking for another cave. As we looked at the caves we saw one with a small clear waterfall flowing into it. It was small and was also roped of but after we walking for one or two minutes we finally got to a cave that was not roped of. It was a huge cave with a pool of water in it. The pool of water was about 100 feet long and 80 to 90 feet wide I don’t know how deep it was no one has been to the bottom yet but my best guess would be 200 or 300 feet deep at least.

After sizing up the caves we ran back to the truck to grab the boogie boards then ran back to the cave to start swimming. When I got in the cool water of the cave I started to swim. The water was dark and at first and there was a little mist so I could not tell where the end was but after I after I got closer I started to see it. About half way to the end of the cave when I was stopping for breath I looked up and what I saw was breathtaking almost 100 feet in the air the roof of the cave was a huge dome soaring above me the huge rock dome was probably carved out by thousands of years of water running over it. It was amazing.

Soon I was swimming again and when I got to the end of the cave I had one more rest to look around. It was kind of spooky with the mist as I could not see where I had come from. The water was all black around me and all I could hear was the drip, drip, drip of ancient rock. I quickly swam to the other end of the cave without looking back. It was the best of the caves I have seen and I was glad we found it.

Jaeden Schafer

I love to travel, and do adventurous things. I write for publications on the topics of Leadership, Business and Marketing. Studied Business Managment Marketing at BYU-Hawaii.
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